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Welcome to Reconnected Life!

My name is Chanelle O’Hare and I am Multi-Dimensional Channel and Lightworker. I work on an atomic quantum level specifically to assist you in activating your true divine self through all dimensions. My intention behind the work I facilitate is to assist you in healing your wounding, activating your DNA and re-remembering your true and personal innate gifts. And if you feel called, assist you in facilitating the same for others. I speak light-language and I communicate fluently with many higher dimensional beings both cosmic and angelic, the channels are clear and open.

Here at Reconnected Life we run many free and appreciated events each month please explore the Events page. You will find A podcast series called The Catalyst where we interview healers lightworks mystics shamans and conscious artists. Informing and cultivating this concept for you to pursue your next catalyst for change… There are full moon and new moon ceremonies along with free galactic transmissions on special astrological dates, gateways and portal. You will also see the ‘Activation’ page where you may purchase off the rack quantum healing activations and listen as many times as you like for a small appreciation.

If you are intensely committed to you your journey of awaking, you may book a personal one on one session with me under the ‘Book’ tab or embark on a life changing journey to becoming a global changemaker with our Lightworker Practitioner program. This is a specialized program for a select few so if you are interested please fill out the application form here.

I am so pleased to meet you and I am grateful that you are here exploring your cosmic divinity. I am looking forward to connecting with you again soon. Enjoy the website and click on the chat icon if you have any questions.

Love and Blessings Beloved, Chanelle


My Story

After spending over a decade in the corporate world, successfully increasing my income year on year and acquiring all the material possessions I could ask for, I still felt empty inside and I began to wonder that there must be more. I was looking for my purpose and I didn't know where to start. After five years on a path to self-discovery, I found healing and began to feel fully and completely reconnected to my higher self and my divine life path and purpose. This was by far the largest catalyst for change I have experienced to date. Simple things just began to go right for me… then bigger things. I was reconnected to the universe and it responded to my prayers. I was guided in the direction that would assist me to grow and to finally find my life purpose. As the years advance so does my skillset and reach. I now work across time and space through something I have coined Channeled Soul Healing, this modality is for clients who are well on their path to ascension.

Healings can come in all forms. Each person's experience is unique and perfect for them.

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