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Awaken Program

8 Weeks of  Soul Healing, Coaching & Activations

*Includes The Sovereignty Program and

6 Week Timeline Therapy Breakthrough

Get ready for Your Ultimate Spiritual Awakening


"Chanelle is an amazing spiritual mentor who will keep you accountable in the most caring and nurturing way, her energy and enthusiasm is of such a high level and the content she produces goes above and beyond. Chanelle's number one priority is to ensure that she provides you with the knowledge to evolve, guidance and the support you need to heal, release and let go of things that no longer serve you, whilst allowing you to step into your spiritual gifts!"

- Eugenia, Awaken Program Student




Awaken to Who You Truly Are with This Cutting-Edge Consciousness Training


As you navigate your way through the Sovereignty Program, you will soon find yourself ready for  some Powerful Shadow Work and Intensive Healing of Deep Soul Wounds. In the Awaken Program, I shall be your Spiritual Coach, Quantum Guide and Master Healer to support you in your Ultimate Spiritual Awakening.

Not only this, you will also learn how to truly integrate and use The Sovereignty Program's learning in a genuine and productive way that will benefit you in the long run. My intention with this program is help you fully absorb and integrate as you open up to solid Foundational Knowledge of how the Universe works, understand why we are put through Spiritual Initiations, Tests, Conflicts and are introduced to the Real Wisdom of their Souls.

What is in the Awaken Program?

In the Awaken Program, you will be receiving 8 Sessions of Intensive Healing that will Guide and Heal you and allow you to open yourself to recognising your True Divinity and More!


You will walk away from this course with Universal Teachings that will:

  • Heal Age-Old Soul Wounds that affect your Happiness & Prosperity

  • Clear Blocks In Your Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional Life

  • Mend your Parental, Sibling and Lover Relationships

  • Clear and Explore and Chronic & Acute Pain

  • Work on a Soul Level from the Aspect of Universal Existence

  • Activate Your Awareness of Your Multi-Dimensional Self

  • Activate Your Cosmic Galactic Potential, and Starseed Origin

  • Activate Your Intuition and Gifts

  • Activate Your Crystalline DNA Matrix

  • Delve into the Infinite landscape of your Soul's Origin

  • Discover Your Purpose

"Chanelle's ability to channel the multiverse is by far extraordinary, The most enlightening session was truly awakening to the twin flame that is me. I truly felt in that session that I had "come home"


- Donna, Awaken Program Student





What You Receive in the Awaken Program


You will be shifted into Massive Integration and Deep Soul Knowing. What you receive in the Awaken Program will guide and support you for years to come. This Program includes:


  • 8 One-Hour Channeled Healing and Coaching Session (1 Session Per Week)

       Read More About Multi-Dimensional Channeled Soul Healing Sessions Here

  • Access to the Ascension Member Portal the Live Event Forum and a Library of all past Quantum Healing Events

  • Access to Full Sovereignty Program (worth $2997)

       Read More about The Sovereignty Program here

       Read More about this further below!



  • Bespoke Plans available upon request. Please book a 15 Min Discovery


On our call, I will be creating with you a Bespoke Plan that resonates with you and aligns with where you stand currently in your Ascension Journey. Such plans can look like:

*Healing & Releasing Chronic Pain Body
*Becoming a Functional Empath and knowing how to manage and run your Energy
*Awaken to your LIfe-Purpose timeline frequency

*Activating Abundance Codes
*Healing Mother Dynamic
*Healing Father Dynamic
*Healing & Clearing Sexual Relationships & Karmic Cycles
*Healing & Clearing Emotional Power Plays with Family Members
*Healing Traumatic Past Life Experiences around Safety & Security
*Shifting Paradigms on Self Love and Judgement
*Overall Heart Healing for the greater Embodiment of Soul Consciousness

*Honing your Starseed Consciousness and connection to Source

Who is Chanelle O'Hare?

I am a Healer of Healers, a Multi-Dimensional Channel, Master of the Mystic Arts and Quantum Lightworker. Over the past years I have transcended towards Higher Levels of Consciousness and now live with Intention of paving the way for other healers and practitioners to succeed in their Spiritual Journey.

My Intention with the Awaken Program is that when you are receiving this Knowledge, you feel confident in your ability to live a life that demonstrate that you have embodied the Sovereignty Teachings. With the Powerful Intergration and Healing sessions of the Awaken Program, you WILL be able to Ascend to your full Power and Awaken to different levels of Consciousness, bringing you into full Alignment with your Higher Purpose.


"Chanelle, you help guide me through a massive breakdown of the older me. With your continued assistance I was able to heal extreme wounded aspects, identify when Ego tries to sneak in and become more understanding of my deeper awakening process. Thanks to you I'm better able to hold my Shine within and radiate it out on demand. Deepest gratitude & All my love for all that you are and everything that you do."

- Evolutia, The Sovereignty Program student.

Are you ready for it, Beloved?

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