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Awaken Program

8 Weeks of  Soul Healing, Coaching & Activations

*Includes The Sovereignty Program and

6 Week Timeline Therapy Breakthrough

The AWAKEN Program is a composite of 8 Powerful life-changing Quantum Soul Heling Sessions and The Sovereignty program that will lead you to self mastery! AND one epic live event ACTIVATION MEMBERSHIP. All formulated to meet you wherever you are on your journey for all your Ascension needs. Free Will & 3 Pillars of Sovereignty (The Sovereignty Program) is our foundational program, AWAKEN adds to this with 8 intensive one-on-one sessions with Chanelle and PRACTITIONER is for the elite who are ready to take their mission all the way IN THIS LIFETIME.


Below I have outlined the Separate Programs & Live Event Activation Membership Subscription that we will be embarking on and their respective inclusions along with individual pricing. Collectively I have named this bundle "The AWAKEN Program" - the bundle price is outlined further down with more specifics for your journey.

Please Choose a payment option only after reading all the payment terms and agreements and you will be forward the appropriate following invoices as specified. Many blessings.


Sovereignty Program

  • Includes Activation Membership - Monthly Quantum Healing  AUA's & Interactive Q&A Events


  • Access to Member Forum - library of past events & BONUS Content

  • Free Will & The 3 Pillars of Sovereignty 66 Video Series - here are the modules

  • 12 Month Access

  • 6 Sessions of Timeline Therapy (over 6-8 weeks)

  • Removing Negative Emotions Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt

  • Removing Limiting Decisions Not Good Enough, Unworthy, Fear of Success, Fear of Failure

  • Total $2997 USD

AWAKEN Program

  • 8 Weeks of  Soul Healing, Coaching & Activations

  • Get ready for Your Ultimate Spiritual Awakening 

  • Includes 8 One on One Sessions

  • First you'll identify 8 areas that you feel you would like to explore through this healing process here is an example;

  • 1.Healing & Releasing Chronic Pain Body
    2.Becoming a Functional Empath and knowing how to manage and run your energy
    3.Awaken to your Life Purpose timeline frequency
    4.Healing Mother Dynamic
    5.Healing Father Dynamic
    6.Healing & Clearing Sexual Relationships & Karmic Cycles
    7. Healing & Clearing Emotional Power Plays with Family Members
    8.Healing Traumatic Past Life Experiences around Safety & Security
    9.Shifting Paradigms on Self Love and Judgement
    10.Overall Heart Healing for a greater embodiment of Soul consciousness    

  • Awaken to Who You Truly Are with This Cutting-Edge Consciousness Training

  • Includes Activation Membership with 30 Live Quantum Healing Events

  • Access to Live Event Forum - library of past event activations

  • Access to The Sovereignty Program www.chanelleohare/sovereignty

  • 66 Video Series here are the modules

  • Total $4997 USD

What will this look like?

I have put together a rough guide below to show you how we will pace your spiritual evolution.

These are just guidelines and if you want to have less integration time at the start, that is perfectly fine as you may want more later on... I am very flexible as everyone is unique in their acclamation of the new quantum energies and frequencies.


Example Timeline for the One-on-One Portion of this Program's commencement;

Week 1 - Commence The Sovereignty Program - have your onboarding call and get all your logins sorted. Read and complete all welcome modules

Week 2 - Session 1 The Discovery Call - what do all areas of your life look like? Your 1st Session of Timeline Therapy - Removing Anger & Sadness 

Week 3 - Session 2 of Timeline Therapy - Removing all Fear & Hurt

Week 4 - integration and complete further modules of The Sovereignty Program

Week 5 - Session 3 of Timeline Therapy - Removing Guilt

Week 6 - Remove Limiting Decisions Established in Discovery Call - "I'm no good enough" "I am not worthy"

Week 7 - Remove Further Limiting Decisions "Fear of Success" "Fear of Failure"

Week 8-10 - Integration and complete further modules of The Sovereignty Program 

Week 11 -  Discovery Call for The Awaken Program - Establishing Your Key 8 Areas of Quantum Healing that you would like to explore... & First Session

Week 12 - Session 2 Quantum Soul Healing

Week 13 - Integration

Week 14 - Session 3 Quantum Soul Healing

Week 15 - Session 4 Quantum Soul Healing

Week 16 - Integration

Week 17 - Session 5 Quantum Soul Healing

Week 18 - Session 6 Quantum Soul Healing

Week 19 - Integration

Week 20 - Session 7 Quantum Soul Healing

Week 21 - Session 8 Quantum Soul Healing

Week 22 - Integration

Week 23 - 52 - continue with The Sovereignty Program Attending all Live Events and experiencing replays where possible.


Here is your Intake Reflections form to get started so I know a little more about your history and your intentions. Please fill this out asap


Payment Schedule Options;


2. 2 x PAYMENTS OF $2555/MONTH


**Upon completing the below course application form you will be sent a subscription invoice via Wix platform for your remaining payments. Please read the Payment Policy Thoroughly all payments are non-refundable

Also here is our Privacy Policy

And Your Self Responsibility Agreement - It is Paramount that you adhere to these requirements for your greatest timeline advancement

Have Questions? CLICK HERE EMAIL 

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