Deep Soul Evolution

A Multi-Dimensional (MD) Channeled Soul Healing is for people who are "ready" face their "stuff". 

As the years advance so does Chanelles' skill set and reach. Her work is now vast and reaches across time and space through something she has coined MD Channeled Soul Healing. This modality is for clients who are well on their path to ascension.

In this Healing Modality Chanelle works with Angelic Beings, Guides, Multi-Dimensional Light Beings and the Infinite intelligence of our higherselves. The healing that Chanelle facilitates moves across multi-life and multi-dimensional frequencies ensuring evolution on a deep soul level.

Chanelle services both Australia and the Global Community working remotely with clients in the USA, UK, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Canada & New Zealand. The healing she facilitates transcends space and time.

Clients have experienced the following;

Past life healing, Soul retrieval, Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Activation Upgrading of DNA, Activation of cellular memory, Clearing Blocks, Healing Chronic Pain, Healing Acute Pain, Channelling Purpose, Clarity Around Career Dynamics & Solutions, Disconnection from Past Relationships, Healing Soul Wounds, Clearing Post Traumatic Stress Signatures, Clearing Physical, Mental, Emotional Abuse, Energy Signatures/Patterns, Clearing Akashic Records, Familial Patterning in Relation to Parenting both Mother & Father, Familial Patterning in Relation to Siblings and the Effects on current relationships, Inner Child Healing & Evolution Clearing Emotional Plays within Relationships, Removal of Entities, Removal of Implants, Raising Vibrational Frequency, Opening Consciousness, Activation of The Starseed Atom, Connecting to Sovereignty

Booking Your Session

Chanelle is located in Australia, if you are located in a country outside of Australia and you require alternate booking hours please email via the Contact Page and she will be happy to organise an appropriate time.

In the sessions please find a relaxing private place where you will not be disturbed, laying or sitting somewhere comfortable in your home. If the session is Channeled Soul Healing via distance please have your headphones available. During the sessions you should wear comfortable clothing and avoid wearing perfumes or other scents. Each person has a unique experience during Channeled Healing. People have reported seeing such things as light, colours, feeling vibrations, hearing sounds, and sensing scents and flavours.


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