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Breathe Move Speak~! Leadership Wealth Creation Masterclass!

Join Sarah & Chanelle as they take you through the various physical blocks that contribute to scarcity and lack manifestation, how to shift these energy centers and begin taking physical action for advanced manifestation and Universal Wealth Creation
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Breathe Move Speak~! Leadership Wealth Creation Masterclass!

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12 Aug, 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
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About The Event

We are so excited to bring you our latest Masterclass for the ReActivation of Your Abundance Codes!!!!

Are you feeling held back and uninspired...? like you've tried so many things but you still cant bring yourself to take that step forward and commit, to do what in your heart you know needs to be done to generate the wealth and Legacy that you desire that will last for generations...

That, is exactly what this Masterclass series are for! and with this powerful vortex we wil be tapping into and benefiting from Body Psychotherapy & Quantum Healing!!! Bridging the Physical and Energetic plains of the body so we can harness our ultimate potential.

In Body Psychotherapy we have two main aims. To ground the person into the body and To clear energetic and physical blockages/traumas/defence systems so as to create a clear flow in the body for an optimal response to life. Every contracted muscle is blocking some movement whether physical or emotional.

In Body Psychotherapy we break up the body into 7 segments which mostly relate to each of the chakras. Sarah and Chanelle will be speaking to both the physical BP segment and the corresponding chakra and how these vital energies can effect your life.

"At this Masterclass we are going to concentrate on four main segments of blockages that may be holding you back from your greatest potential. Chanelle wanted to concentrate on the throat, heart and solar plexus but in order to service them well we also need to include the sacral. For women we see the sacral, the womb as the seat of our creative wisdom and for men they see the sacral, the hara as that source. To find the hara/womb, place three fingers length wise below the belly button. This is the place of your connection to yourself, your creativity, your wisdom, your knowing. This is the place we will start!" Sarah

"In addition to this powerful education and activation piece by Sarah I will be facilitating a full throat chakra activation and clearing so that you all will be able to embody and speak your truth and share the wisdom of your blessings with your connections and the world" Chanelle

We are so excited to have you join us at this life changing event! This is for you if you are feeling;

  • Stuck & Frustrated with your current financial situation
  • Want more acceleration and movement in your financial Sovereignty
  • You Feel that There is "More" out there for you and are eager to discover new ways of generating wealth 
  • Want to access new wealth creation strategies and modalities that you can use at home
  • Want to feel better about yourself and feel more empowered in your physical & emotional being
  • Want to access your Brave Couragous Voice
  • Feel the pull to assist humanity 

There are 2 ways to join the event either by visiting the ReActivate Abundance Codes Group or Registering right here for the zoom link.

Sarah Berenice is a qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist and Body Psychotherapist. She is gifted in the art of holding space and creating ceremony for people so that they can journey deep in a safe and nurturing way. Sarah loves working with groups as it enhances a shared space of like-minded souls and brings in the highest quality of being witnessed.

Working with ceremonial trainers and death doula’s Sarah has gleamed the importance of honouring our transitions in life. For in not doing so we can become stuck in place and stunted in growth.

Chanelle O'Hare Master Channel, Quantum Lightwork, Spiritual Leader ~ feel the shift!

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