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THE CATALYST Podcast & Webinar ~ Dea Aurelia Channeled Art

Healers, Mystics, Guides & Coaches - Conversations with Exceptional Souls. Sharing their gifts & know-how with you personally every second Wednesday Expand your consciousness and assist in your healing journey to Sovereignty. Empower yourself and Be a part of the CATALYST of change through humanity!
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THE CATALYST Podcast & Webinar ~ Dea Aurelia Channeled Art

Time & Location

31 July 2019, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm AEST
Location is TBD

About The Event

THE CATALYST Every Second Wednesday! This is a Free Spiritual Education Webinar & Healing Event showcasing Healers, Mystics, Guides and Coaches from all over the WORLD delving into the subconscious, exploring fringe science, quantum energy and how we can harness these powerful dynamics in our daily lives. Sharing their gifts & know-how with you personally every second Wednesday! Expand your consciousness and assist in your healing journey to Sovereignty. This is vibrational alchemy at its peak. Hope you can join us for the adventure.

Chanelle O'Hare will be connecting with Dea Aurelia ~ Channeled Art

About Desi;

Through spiritual awakening on my journey in this life, I started channeling paintings, digital art and personalized diamond light body code. I have also certified as a Reiki Master.

The paintings and digital art channelings enable you to bring the high frequency of the channelled being in your life, house and space. The personal channelings bring direct access to one's Higher Self and balance the chakras. All my work is embedded with a light language transmission channeled from Sirius.The vibrational frequency of the channeled art is coded and is not accessible to conscious mind.However your DNA on cellular level recognizes these codes/language of light and communicates with them and facilitates the healing,downloads,upgrades and clearing.

In order for the channelled art to start working with you, I need to activate it once you select the creation you are drawn to.

Some of the energies I tap into and the beings I connect with include Arcturians, Hathorians, Sirius, Lyran, Inner Earth, Archangels and Angels, Jesus/ Christ Consciousness, Mother Marry and Sisterhood of the Rose, Brotherhood of Light, Star Gates, Twin Flame.


The being or energy that is channeled brings its own activation frequency.

If the painting is Twin Flame, then it carries the energy and activation codes for starting the process of activating the TwinFlame within you. If the painting is an Arcturian, then it carries the energy of the Arcturians and once you connect with it you can ask to receive healing and so on.

There are light code activation symbols embedded into the paintings which can also be channeled during meditation.

The process of creating the paintings and how they come to life is quite incredible. I meditate, connect to Source and receive an image and the knowing of who is coming through. When I establish the connection, we create the painting together. I never took painting lessons in my life, so the whole process of creation is organic and authentic.


These are channeled in a similar way to the paintings. However, a much longer process as the light language and codes I am downloading involves intricately detailed work carrying information, downloads and activations.


This is a personalized channeled spiritual activation. It assists you to connect with your Higher Self and balances your chakras. It also brings activations, downloads, and clearing.

Using the human names given to you in this reincarnation I create a geometrical shape-code placed in the protection of a diamond light body. All is embedded with light language channeled from Sirius.

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Empower yourself and Be a part of the CATALYST of change surging through humanity at this time and bring your passions & questions...


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