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The Mastery Academy

The Mastery Academy is a composite of 3 Powerful life-changing programs and one epic live event membership. All formulated to meet you wherever you are on your journey for all your Ascension needs. Free Will & 3 Pillars of Sovereignty (The Sovereignty Program) is our foundational program, AWAKEN adds to this with 8 intensive one-on-one sessions with Chanelle and PRACTITIONER is for the elite who are ready to take their mission all the way IN THIS LIFETIME.


With carefully designed and curated memberships and programs. You will Experience light-code activations, upgrades, and quantum shifts to your highest timeline trajectory. Unlocking your multi-dimensional consciousness and embodying your truth and your divine innate gifts as you rise through your Ascension Portal.

Here you have the opportunity to stay Activated Upgraded & Aligned with Guided Quantum Healings & Galactic Transmissions all year round by joining our Activation Membership.

Attend The Sovereignty Program and Learn about the Universal Laws & Teachings that will Change your life forever.

Level Up with the Awaken Program 8 powerful one to one Session Intensive Healing & Guiding Program.

Embody Your True Divine Self with our Practitioner Program, where you become a skilled lightworker.

OR Embark on a 12 month journey to Mastery of Self and Spirit with THE MASTERY ACADEMY PROGRAM this includes all programs and pre-requisite offerings for your evolution and commitment to self. 

This 12 Month Evolutionary MASTERY ACADEMY PROGRAM includes all of the above programs and the Activation Membership. Commit to the Journey, Become The One, The Way <3

Which Program is right for you? The Sovereignty Program is a Prerequisite and is included in the Awaken and Practitioner Programs. Awaken is an Acceleration to healing and is a prerequisite for the Practitioner Program**

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