Are You New to Healing?

What is Healing?


Now, this is a question that I get asked a lot!

I find people are more commonly familiar with psychics, clairvoyants and mediums than they are with "Healers" per say... They just aren't quite sure what a healer is, what a healer does and how a healing will work in relation to benefiting and improving their lives in a meaningful way.

Having the knowing and understanding of the word "Healing" and all that it encompasses is an imperative first step in anyone's awakening and ascension process. Awakening and ascension are just fancy words for YOUR journey to overall health and well-being. This includes developing healthy relationships with others and, more importantly, a healthy relationship with yourself.


It’s all about energy


What do we know for sure? Science tells us that EVERYTHING in the universe is ENERGY. Absolutely everything. In fact, there is no dense, solid matter on earth at all. Not the chair you are sitting on or the computer or iPhone that you are reading this from. If we were to look through a very powerful microscope we would see thousands of atoms vibrating and spinning around one another to create ENERGY. Electromagnetic energy, to be more precise.

In the world we live in, every experience/meeting/encounter leaves an electromagnetic energetic signature. A cord, a hook or a distortion within the body and etheric field. When we have disturbing events in our lives by way of abuse, break-ups, substance abuse, family conflicts, friendship betrayals or childhood traumas, we inadvertently store these energetic signatures within our body and/or our DNA. The energetic signatures cause blockages in the energetic flow of your body and your bio-field and in turn cause “dis-ease”. Anxiety, depression, addiction and illnesses can manifest mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Because of these "stuck energies" vibrating and reverberating within us, we are then magnetically attracted to that same vibration over and over again until the trauma is healed and the blockage is cleared. I know most of you can relate to this... finding yourself stuck with the same type of disrespectful partner, the same overbearing egotistical boss, the same toxic friendships, etc!

The healing journey


Now it is important to understand that there is no single magic bullet to healing one’s body or one’s soul. Most of us have been around for a lot longer than we can possibly fathom so you can imagine the layers of "STUFF" that builds up over the course of time.

The healing journey is about clearing these blockages, healing these traumas and peeling back the layers so you can transform/evolve/ascend into the best version of your divine self in this lifetime.

If you want someone to tell you everything is going to be alright and give you hope then yes, psychics and mediums can help you with creating a certain amount of peace and clarity in your life. If you want to work through your issues, heal your traumas and learn how to be in flow with the universe and thereby uncover your true divine potential – see a healer.


Granted there are many variations and hybrids of all these metaphysical professions. I am of the belief that you never know just which one will help you in the precise way your higher-self needs in order to learn that valuable lesson. 


Where to begin?


Personally, I am in the business of showing people how to heal themselves. I don't want to see you every month for the rest of your life like a chiropractor tells you is necessary, nor do I want you to become dependent on me.

I recommend starting with Reconnective Healing and then The Reconnection, this will awaken you gently to the vast possibilities your future holds. Then, when you are truly ready to start digging deeper, we work with Multi-Dimensional Soul Healing.

If you’re ready to start your healing journey or would simply like some more information, I am waiting for you call. You can find all the ways to contact me by clicking here and booking here.