Amongst all the chaos I saw heaven 🙏💗

I wanted to share something from my life today... I have so much going on right now it's all been a blur at times. 

For the last 6 months I have been working 7 days a week striving to fulfill my dreams. There have been times of sheer magic among the tears and bitter departures of old relationships and all the "STUFF" that no longer serves me.  The heartbreak and the new bonds that have been forged showing me the beauty of the duality of life.

The pendulum swings and we are taken for a ride at the mercy of the universe. 

I'm 3 weeks out from taking a trip of a life time... 7 weeks around Eastern/Central Europe. I have never traveled for this long at any one time before, let alone across 9 countries, driving on the opposite side of the road. None the less I am excited and I anticipate the life changing experiences I know that are coming with this divinely guided sojourn.

Today I balance my life on the head of a pin, have you ever felt like this? 

Some of the things include Buying a new car, selling the old one for enough to support the holiday of course lol working toward targets for the magazine I sell advertising to 3 days a week, driving Uber every chance I get to pay for the luxury hotels I've booked! Seeing clients for healings 1 or 2 nights a week and making it too the gym to attempt some resemblance of a bikini body for The Yacht Week in Croatia. And the icing on the cake, the dentist Arghh 😲

Now that I see it all in writing I wonder how I managed this far without freaking out more ha! So today scary Chanelle came out. All the anxiety and fear and stress! Yes I'm human! Thank you.

And of course there are always signs to show us the way.... a little visit from a Magpie on my balcony this morning reminding me of the power of my words in divination and manifesting my desires. So I said some positive affirmations to help myself centre. This didn't last long, the headache from the dentist pounded and I pushed through the stress and the pain to get the working day complete, consuming chocolate as I went to ease some of the emotional symptoms ha.

Then something caught my eye out of the kitchen window, some amazing pink in the sky. I quickly ran to the balcony and I was speechless. Frozen. I was just slapped in the face by the universe 😉

I Have never seen anything like it, so beautiful. I stopped, I breathed, I took a moment to be in awe of the magnitude of what was before me. And I knew at that moment that I am loved and supported on this earth. I reminded myself of the faith, trust and love I have for the Divine. And I felt the warmth. God, Love, The Universe, whatever you want to call it. It's there, everyday, Just open your eyes... And your heart 💗

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