Delayed Gratification - Will Power

Delayed gratification = will power... has been shown to score higher than IQ when determining the rate of general happiness and success in people's lives. Children who passed the marshmallow test became more successful wealthy happier than those who didn't and more successful comparative to IQ testing alone. Keep reading... We live in a society founded on instant gratification. We are used to having whatever we want NOW. Alcohol, food, sexual relationships, retail therapy. And we wonder why none of these things are filling the hole that is so desperately gaping in the souls of the human populous. What if we waited.., what if we exercised self control? Built stronger more meaningful relationships, didnt purge on over marketed food products that are poisonous and addictive. Socialized without consumption of alcohol, communing with others in our power, not drowning our fear with Dutch courage? Facing our fears in a vulnerable, honorable and humble way. Our society would be a more conscious and healthy place to exist. More respect and love for our fellow humans and animals. I realised only a few years ago that I was living a life full of instant gratification. I asked myself, could this be the catalyst of so much pain and unhappiness? The lesson was a long and challenging one and the toughest habit to break for me to date, it's not as obvious as some. I have conquered addiction of drugs, alcohol, food, toxic relationships, risky financial spending, all of these spring from instant gratification. Stroking the ego self not the soul self. You know what!? It's tricky looking in the mirror every day and being up front and honest about your morals and motivations, but I did it, every grueling moment and I continue to do it every day. Some days are harder than others and the ride does get easier. Will Power is a muscle, the more you work it the stronger it gets. Work that S*%$' everyday people... lol the rewards are worth every muscle tear. 😉 true abundance awaits in all forms. So how do we, as HuMans in this society, help break the mould. How do we Help ourselves and others break free from all this learned behavior that is so ingrained in our DNA? Some people call it the matrix... others are so asleep that even the wakeup call of Dis-ease and cancer thriving in our community isn't enough to shock them into LIFE. Take a look at yourself in the mirror today, look at your character and your soul, are you the "Agent of Change" sent here to help this world reawaken and THRIVE? I SAY YES... Be The Change. 🙏

© 2016 by Chanelle O'Hare