Reaching a Precipice

Sitting at my private altar overflowing with love and gratitude 💞🙏 The universe has shown me a powerful sign today... one that I have been waiting on for a long time. It signified That I have achieved healing on such a deep level, that I feel now I am truly and ultimately free. No ties no hangups just the God given soul and body that is who I am on this planet. And what surprised me most, is that I was ready for it. I love that ALL is in divine timing, and when you surrender 100% to that and honor it, the world is yours! All the gifts and blessings that are yours by divine right begin to appear. It has taken me years of healing, coaching, training, teaching and learning from every soul that crosses my path to get to this point. No single person is above the other, teachers come in all forms, all ages, all makes and models ha 😉 listen for the lessons and the messages from the Angel's, they can be small as whispers and sometimes as brutal and big as Mack Trucks! but they are all learnings non the less. I share this lovely private moment with you to inspire you to continue on your journey, and i want to let you know that there IS a tipping point. A place where all things click, flow and pour into your life, filling and overflowing your cup of love. Take care dear ones 💗🙏 Embrace life, embrace love. love you xo #onelove #reconnectedlife 😘

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