3 Reasons You Stay even though Your Soul Wants You to Go!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

As I reflect on what kept me in toxic relationships and hostile unhealthy situations that no longer serve me I have come to this realisation that as an Empath I used to see only the good in people and not what they were really showing me as their truth. Which we know now is almost always a reflection of our own shadow aspects, the beautiful mirrors we use to find the magic healing potential within us.

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1. For Love.

2. For Compassion.

3. For Loyalty

I wonder, has this happened with you?

For me, it was my normal, my everyday routine… unquestionable loyalty and commitment. Until one day my eyes began to finally open, and I saw before me only the shadow. I could see no more remnants of the Soul Spark I once believed was in this human.

How could this be? This was the partner that I had committed my life to.

I must admit, in retrospect, I heard the call early on. The sound of my soul screaming

to come home was so unfamiliar to me. I truly did no recognise it and my human wasn’t quite ready... Her Free Will is strong and her belief steadfast, she took some convincing to surrender her love for another for the love for herself.

This becomes the Powerful Alchemical Mastery beloved. To hold yourself first. To know that you are an Empath and to see the Human as well as the Soul. We must consider BOTH.

This is this is ego over soul

This is the Love and Fear Paradox.

This is all of it - light versus dark… why must there be polarities as an expression of creation these images and experiences are unavoidable. We must feel into it day by day and do the work, embody the Self-Mastery that is available to us in any moment of presence.

This is what we're here to do!

So as Empaths, as Lightworkers, as Starseeds (whichever of these titles aligns with your energetics) we often find ourselves in the depths of the belly of the Beast before we realise how far we have wandered off the path of Sovereignty.

How in the heck did we get here?

Our undying ability to see love in all the Dark Places.

Our soul shines and it shines with love and compassion. To our own detriment, sometimes all it sees is the Soul Spark in the others. With hope, faith and love, rose-coloured glasses dim the clarity of our vision to perceive all the aspects of self and shadow that are ever present beneath the shining exterior.

We are led in like a moth to the flame.

And before we know it, we are buried to our necks in the black goop that creates some sticky situations and takes some real Sovereign gusto to release from. Our own soul just hanging in there for dear life, how often we slide down the slippery slope from compassion to martyrdom in the blink of an eye.

What a Lesson... Breathe into it.

This is Powerful Shadow work

The ability to perceive the Shadow in others, directly relates to the ability to perceive the Shadow Aspects of Self.

We must surrender to the darkness within, not ignore it and follow the path to Divine Neutrality. Eliminating all energetic charge that supports distortion of Self and distortion of others.

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