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Updated: Jun 14, 2020

“Empaths, the Importance of checking your influences ~ Authentic Living”

Lately I have allowed some people in my life to ‘sell me’ on ‘their way’ for me to live my life. Have you ever had this experience? You wake up one day and realise you have compromised too much, and the result is that you were living a half-life. A life that’s just not as shiny as it once was…

In my own world prior to this, I was in a state of abundance and love and thriving for greatness - all was aligned! Then I unintentionally allowed some people to squeeze me, and not in a good way ha-ha! Whether they were aware of the repercussions of their influence or not, the result was for me to restrict my creative flare and the way I love to do business - which is from a state of love and compassion, flexibility and flow. Into restriction, rules and fear-based programming. This restriction created some real ‘wobbles’ in my energetic field and this began to translate into my work. It began to influence my relationships with my clients who are, indeed my world. The beautiful abundant world I had created was being squeezed to fit into someone else’s shaped box. I had lost myself in the process and all of this, of course was all my creation…

As an empath, I feel people’s souls… I know you do too. Sometimes because we see the infinite good within a person’s soul we ignore the very real human aspect that may be influencing and attempting to control the situation. It has taken many years to train myself to see peoples ‘humans’. Because you see, the human and the soul are two very different entities and a human-being that has not mastered his or her “Persona” and limbic system could have many conflicting agendas and fear based programming leading their decision making process.

So who are we trusting here? The human or the soul? Ideally when someone is aligned and on purpose both, then there is little-to-no polarity. When they are in conflicting states of existence, the polarity of human vs soul can be like night and day… no matter what illusion they are presenting you with in that now moment.

I feel that over the years I have been given many ‘initiations’ around setting boundaries and still there are more lessons here… boundaries & negotiations. Always be prepared, always ask questions. The universe is showing me that no matter how people appear or what they show you and tell you on the surface, their agenda may be completely different to what they are giving off. Whether they are conscious of it or not. Trust I have learned, is not to be given lightly and being someone who loves to trust and love and see the best possible outcome in people, I have been shown many times that open trust without a decent vetting process, leads to hard lessons.

Now in no way am I saying for you to go around not trusting and loving people, its just a different kind of love haha not immediately a wholehearted, heart on the sleeve completely vulnerable, here’s the keys to my house scenario! Maybe, thinking about all our relationships more like dating would benefit the empaths of the world? Go on at least 3 dates before jumping into bed 😉 or something to that affect…

Freedom is My Highest Value

“Authentic living means you care more about your inner peace than your need for approval”

I saw this quote online the other day and it really hit home for me. Was I compromising for need of approval? This is a fantastic question because many times in the past this was true. But the answer here today was a resounding NO! This was great news, what I learned was that I was compromising because I was sharing workspace and I really wanted it to work out. Because it was a beautiful workspace. Sometimes it’s hard to know what a fair negotiation is when both parties feel their way is the norm… and sometimes we must realise, we are not energetically aligned in this now moment.

So how do we align our boundaries with our sovereignty and still participate in co-habitation? Ha-ha well personally, I haven’t found the ideal situation yet! What I did learn is that before I went into the agreement, all possible scenarios should have been discussed to ensure harmonious living space.

The same lesson came up with a contractor, where I had not done my due diligence. So, the universe was showing me, that I must contribute attention to details in relationships and negotiations. Have the uncomfortable conversations that I have not enjoyed in the past for fear of rejection. We must be willing to give up what we thought we wanted in order to maintain our sovereignty. Every time we honor our true self and respect him/her we gain power. Every time we compromise him/her we give our power away and begin to see the wobbling effects/cracks begin to show in our outer World.

So, I chose to exit the agreement. In my life, my clients and my business ARE my world no exceptions. And if anyone was going to decide that they wanted my business to fit in any kind of box, that was going to be me! Right now, I just wanted to be fee to love, express and create the way I wanted to.

The work that I do is paramount and to me it is the most important thing. I am in service to God, Love, The Universe and My Higher Divine Self, so I chose freedom. What is a perceived luxury if you don’t have the freedom to live and express yourself and your purpose the way you want to? Its nothing… wealth without love, nothing. For me, freedom is probably my highest value. Understanding your values will help you understand yourself and therefor limit the initiations or hard learnings that come with this self-discovery process in mastering your sovereignty.

How do you know what to do?

Check in with yourself ~ does this negotiation/relationship feel in line with love? In line with your personal truths and values?

Discernment of energetic fields is also key, what’s really going on under the surface? Do you want to mix your energy with theirs? Will you be constantly protecting yourself from toxic energy contamination?

Negotiations are key before entering any relationship ~ talk this subject to exhaustion many possibilities will arise, what are the expectations? Make clauses agreements and be 100% clear, not everything is sunshine and rainbows no matter how spiritual you are LOL

Be willing to walk away no matter how much your human thinks it wants to pursue the situation/agreement/relationship ~ be detached from the outcome, master this and life will feel easier, more peaceful and in flow with your divine path and purpose.

Believe me after years of learning the hard lessons, our higher self always knows better and when we honor that and our sovereignty we are always rewarded greatly!

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