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Updated: Oct 2, 2020

I have been practicing as a Multi-Dimensional Channel Quantum Healer and Master of the Mystic Arts for some time now. When I began to delve into guiding and coaching people toward becoming empowered in their own Practitioner Selves, I was excited, and so were they!

I had, however, underestimated just how much foundational and groundwork I had done to transcend fears, navigate triggers and heal old wounding. I’ll explain…

We were all excited when I launched my first intake of Practitioner Program and we all began with gusto and anticipation.

I introduced my crew to advanced methods to call-in spirit and connect to the higher dimensions. Initiating them into a higher timeline trajectory and introducing them to a mission and a purpose greater than themselves…

This was taken in stride by one or two, but for most their demons and shadows were thick in the air.

The fear of being vulnerable and visible and the lack of knowledge, on a foundational level, of how the Universal frequencies function, supporting initiations of lessons, laws, and truths that make up the fundamental basis of our existence were all missing.

They were flying blind… still asleep in many ways.

They weren’t ready

So at the first challenge, most were too confronted with the shocking mirrors they were being asked to face immediately, and the fears that kept them in the shadows and living in crippling fear, unable to overcome or see past the illusion of terror that the protective Ego had perfectly created with the supporting narrative that gave them no other option but to run.

You know, when they say a successful person has failed more times than you’ve tried… it's true.

I have been navigating this business and these gifts for some time and an epic level perseverance is Truly required to achieve great things. To Change many lives and be the example of Sovereignty we wish to see evolve in this world.

So anyway… I had a BIG problem here that needed solving, everyone eventually dropped out! My Practitioner Program was far too advanced for just ANYONE to take.

So how do I guide people from A-Z? I take them through the alphabet 😉

From here The Mastery Academy was born, it formed from 3 Intensive Training Programs and an evolutionary Live Event Membership Program. People needed solid foundational knowledge of how the universe works and understand why we are put through spiritual initiations, tests, conflicts and introduced to the real wisdom of their souls.

The Sovereignty Program

Free Will & The 3 Pillars of Sovereignty (The Sovereignty Program) is a 66 Interactive Video course with supporting Live Q&A Sessions and Guest Speakers.

All. Year. Round.

These video lectures are living quantum portals that have the ability to shift your conscious awareness, and will have you integrating your most challenging triggers and transcending your fears in no time. Creating strength empowerment and epic manifestations of divine evolution in your living experience.

The Pillars of Sovereignty are:

- Self-Responsibility

- Vibrational Resonance

- The Fear/Love Paradox

A complete guide to the Universe and the Universal Self. You will be fully supported on this journey with interactive reflection questions ensuring no-one falls through the cracks and everyone Graduates with what they need to Catalyse their conscious awareness beyond their boundaries of reality.

This is for everyone who is absolutely serious about navigating their Ascension Journey and, for many who have been on the Journey for some time and who are still feeling a glass ceiling, and facing massive resistance in their manifestation of life.

Your questions WILL be answered, the AH-HAA’s will be powerful, and your DNA WILL ACTIVATE POWERFULLY!

The SOVEREIGNTY Program also includes all 30 Live Quantum Transmissions and Healing Events in the ACTIVATION Membership Program, so not only are you supported in your daily evolutionary development, foundationally and practically, you are also gifted Magick Quantum Healing Activations Upgrades and Alignments and Galactic Transmissions that will assist you re-awakening your cosmic self, your DNA and all that entails… we have a library of resources for your souls pleasure.

The AWAKEN Program adds to this with 8 one on one Channeled Sessions with me.

And PRACTITIONER Program, well that is a whole other story…

Moral of the story… Keep going, never give up!

What you are looking for is waiting for you right here. Change your life today and say yes to the future you wish to live. The 5th Dimensional Consciousness you’ve seen glimpses of and you wish to embody.

“We are well versed, and we are here to assist you!”

Many blessings beloved,

Chanelle & The Starseed Collective

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