Eclipse Watch 2020

Welcome to the Eclipse season of 2020, we are in full flux!

This will be one of the most powerful and Transformational portals of your lifetime. You will be experiencing Quantum Healing, Activations and Upgrades like never before.

2020 in itself has already proven beyond a doubt that the epic re-evolution of our time is underway.

What does this mean for you>?

A powerful shift in paradigms, the world (inner and outer) will never be the same again! An explosion of core belief systems from within is here to expose, purge, shine light on and provide the opportunity for the ultimate absolution of Humanity.

You may already be seeing the Truth of this on the world stage… the illusion of chaos and of fear has been adopted to dismantle all that you know to be true.

This is of course is a result of what good work has already been done among The Collective on a Deep Soul Level.

Powerful way-showers just like YOU, have chosen to embark on the wild journey that is soul expansion on this planet. To embody the Truth of who they are and to seek further enlightenment, anchor their powerful rays of light to Gaia, and to aid her ascension.

Want to know more about Eclipse Portals? read on...

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What do we know about Eclipse Portals?

Eclipse portals are a powerful opportunity for mass self-responsibility, spiritual evolution and positive growth. The Lunar Eclipse in particular, allow all the Shadow-y Aspects of self to bubble their way to the surface. No hiding who or what is lurking within the depths of the egoic self anymore Beloved.

The purpose of the Lunar Eclipse (6.6.20) is to purge the pain body and expose the hidden Truths you have been keeping from yourself for aeons…. Whether you are aware of them or not. They are here for Surrender and Release, so that you may embody more LOVE.

You will be feeling, at this moment, is the ego-self exposed!

This means absolute vulnerability of self. All your deepest darkest fears coming to the surface. You may be having nightmares that are playing out and exposing your deepest fears. Being unable to hold back in your daily activities as your emotions show you how you are really feeling about situations, people, what you have really had enough of and what requires your loving attention for healing transmutation and divine neutralisation.

A lot of the lessons and initiations coming forward for you are being gifted to encourage major Awakening, Heart expansion and deep acceptance of self through Surrender.

By now you may be aware, Pain body release is inevitable.

For those of you who are not aware ‘Pain body’ is the physical sensational release of trauma/darkness/shadow from the body. It can manifest in many ways. The ascension symptoms include and are not limited to aching legs and physical pains deep within your bones. Feelings of despair or ‘depressive’ states are common.

Please remember to practice non-judgement, these are the shadows LEAVING you, they are NOT YOU. Your ability to Observe and Allow will determine your experiences as you traverse this epic terrain.

Breath Beloveds, Breath. Remember self-care and self-love are the-ways to neutralise the polarity shifts that are occurring both within your soul aspects here on earth and on the world stage. Divine Love will prevail, always. Doing the self-work is the only way to ensure the Surrender of Self for the Greater Good.

Solar Eclipse 21.6.20

Sunday births the Solar Eclipse, the transcendence of all light aspects as we shed the shadow layers we are able to embody more light Beloveds…

You will be called forward to change the hearts and minds of many. Inspiration will roll through your being-ness and you will be aligned with more expansion and inspiration than you have felt in Age-s. Rest assured your success in all things aligned with Truth, Integrity and Your Higher Purpose on this planet.

A match is struck!

The fire in your belly and under your seat begins to burn the light of your creations Beloved!

What is to come will be of benefit to many, it is the alchemical shift of self. The Phoenix as it ignites to flame and burns ITSELF making the ultimate sacrifice, surrender and release for the knowing and vision of a better world. The New World.

Ride the waves of Spiritual Evolution with love and Acceptance… we are all here in UNITY, bonding together for the expression of creator source and Divine Will.

Many will be seeking refuge in solace and are well advised to do so as wounds are Healed and Quantum shifts occur. Bear in Heart though ‘disconnection’ from self and others is not necessary.

I will be updating and sharing more regarding the affects of the Eclipse Season we are in as we move through these transitions to higher resonance. To share with you insight on your light-body and energy systems as the ebb and flow in the direction of the Light-Age on the Horizon.

How are you feeling and do you have any questions about your Ascension Symptoms light-body or transitions at the time? Comment here and I will respond.

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Many Blessings Beloved,


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