How does Global Polarity Effect Unity Consciousness?

When Governments begin to crumble and civilians are forced to endure mass media lies and smoke screens that deter from the truth, and fuel rioting behavior, we are left to watch the un-Conscious aspects of our Collective “React”.

This is rarely a good thing on the surface.

Miss-informed, totally emotive and reactive to the information they are being fed from every direction. This in itself, is challenging to witness.

The healers and way-showers and the general human on this planet, can be forgiven of beginning to waver in their Sovereignty, to question their faith. This is totally normal. As human beings we are living in a physical world, and it takes more fortitude than you can quite imagine to hold strong in your belief that ‘ALL’ is being disrupted for a special higher power reason.

Essentially, we, as powerful healers and way-shower can begin to believe the evidence in front of us, rather than tapping into the real omniscience that comes with the claircognizant nature of our inherent being.

Global Polarities make Unity Consciousness more challenging, that is quite clear.

Although, it helps some become stronger in their Sovereignty… wakes more people up to the absurd nature of the Fear Mongering and eminently forces an evolutionary response that may not have occurred otherwise.

Now this is interesting, an this my beloved Brothers and Sistars is really what we are here to discuss.

Global Polarity forces a ‘Mass Awakening’ the perturbation of stagnant dense energies rises to the surface for clearing. People are compelled to rethink, re-look and re-imagine their lives and choose what kind of future they wish to create for their future selves and their children.

This is no small feat my darlings.

How to accelerate an Ascension? Through massive economic and climatic diversity.

So….. all is not as it seems on the surface Beloved.

Take a deep breath all you awakening ones, and dig deep into your soul and feel the winds of change and the tides of evolution as they cleanse the dense waters of the past and bring forth a New Light Age.

It is, inevitable.

Many blessings, Chanelle

Global polarity forces mass awakening in the collective. triggering an evolutionary response & ultimately unifying the consciousness of humanity

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