Moving Day... again!

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Today I'm moving house. Today I'm moving into a new timeline trajectory. This is one that I have seen in my mind's eye, in my future for some time now. From the moment I made the decision the universe conspired to assist me in what I desired.

The universe supports us on now evolutionary process with Universal alignment. When we know ourselves and are fully aligned within ourselves without resistance. Life becomes easier, inflow. Why did I believe I deserved anything less than greatness?

You know, I've had to ask myself this many many times and we are not made this way you know? we don't get birthed with inferiority complexes with chips on our shoulder... these aspects of us are created. They're created from traumatic events from "mistakes" in our lives, whether that be our mistakes or others' mistakes that we allow to affect and influence us. But at some point we need to take complete ownership of the world that we've created around us and ask ourselves what do we really honestly feel we deserve?? because my darlings, the truthful answer behind that will be the mirror to what you're experiencing in your daily life.

So today is moving day! Some people think I'm crazy because I move so often I moved to Sydney then came back to the Gold Coast, back to Sydney back to the Goldcoast :-) I move from Northern Gold Coast to Southern Gold Coast, to Central Gold Coast to Southern Gold Coast and now back to Surfers Paradise haha do you want to know why I move so much? This isn't because I don't want a solid foundation or a home and a husband in a family I want all these things. I want all these things in the Purist of the words... It's because i'm growing evolving and changing in powerful ways everyday. I'm putting up the mirror and and taking good look at myself, in my eyes through my soul into my heart on deep dark levels and i'm shining light and seeing whats there .

This means that I'm changing every day in profound ways, because I strive for nothing less than achieving my divine life path, my highest lifetime trajectory in this conscious embodiment. This is my commitment to my soul on my personal journey and this is my commitment to you as a facilitator, as a healer and as a guide to the higher Echelons of consciousness available to us on this planet.

Every place that I migrate to serves a purpose. The land honors me with its support and it's Grace and absorbs what I no longer need as I Purge to Gaia. And so this morning I'm honouring the Beauty and the majesty of this Tugun beach as I sit here and watch the sunrise. And I thank it for it's seclusion and serenity and providing me a safe space and place to really get to know on a deeper level who I am within my heart. It has provided me the solitude that I required without outside influence to really work on my "stuff". Sometimes this is hard to do, when there's many people around, there's many distractions. And what we find is that the great divine plan always knows what is required for the next step of exponential growth. When we are surrendered to the process, once we are surrendered to all that is and to be in service of the ascension path. All you need to do is to feel into the next moment, feeling into the moment and feel the guidance the magnetism and the direction and she will take care of the rest. I've moved about 6 times in two years haha needless to say I'm not adverse to change :-)

So as I move into this new now moment and feel my Soul evolution begin to shine greater than I ever thought possible I'm excited and I'm feeling into my frequency and I'm holding it at its highest trajectory without distraction with ultimate faith and love of the path...

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