Quantum Intention is a powerful Shifter!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

3 Ways Quantum Intention can Support You on Your Journey to Self & How to set your most Sovereign QT!

What we must understand about vibrational energetics, beloved, is that it makes up the Universal Laws of Creation.

In simple terms, we are here to navigate through vibrational frequency and vibrational resonance and by setting powerful intention we are literally shifting creation to our will.

The power of prayer has been used for eons to create and manifest miracles, Intention is far from different in this sense.

Intention creates a shift in the Light Plasma Organics that fill the spaces we cannot see with our human eyes. The organic Matter that fills the space between spaces and lines the fabric of creation!

Intentions are the waves that ripple out through space and time, creating momentum and acceleration of your highest desires and alignments.

The fabric of time and light that creates our density literally moves when we blast off a frequency of intention from our hearts and our third eye portals. With complete alignment with our highest good of intention our wishes may be granted. Read on for your powerful tips...

3 ways intention will benefit your life;

  1. Feeling into and Sending Powerful Intention will hone your manifestation ability and focus your energy for the highest potentiality outcome for each moment, day or activity. This momentum will align you with solid foundations and belief systems that support your organic success and fulfilment

  2. Feeling into and Sending Powerful Intention Will Help you uncover your true desires, become more familiar and understanding of yourself in a more intimate way therefore aligning you with your truth and your purpose to fulfill your highest timeline trajectory.

  3. Feeling into and Sending Powerful Intention will help allay fears, doubts, worry’s, anxieties and depression, birthing gifts of enlightenment and clarity of spirit pertaining to Joy and Prosperity.

Quick Guide to Setting Your Intention

How do I set off the evolutionary energetics of a Powerful Quantum Intention?

  • Create a sacred space in your home to regularly connect in – this brings more energy each time you sit in ceremony.

  • Ground by calling in our God-Mother Gaia to meet your heart

  • Ground by calling in our Grand-Father Central Son of Alcyone to hold our space open to source.

  • Breathe into your heart pulling all your energy in from the Universe and meeting your Soul Spark (your sternum point) Feel it glowing and shining with your Divine Source Code – acknowledge this by saying ‘yes I feel my Divine Source Code’

  • Now Declare Your Intention! SPEAK IT – out loud Beloved.

  • I call in my Team, Guides and Benevolent Support Beings to Assist me in Powerful ways to be Sovereign and Free. To honour my highest will, to lead with love and to see and hear the clarity and vision in every interaction opportunity and message I receive. May Grace and Love Honour me as I honour all this day for the greater good of Humanity, the rising of Divine Neutrality and Wisdom Birthing our new Light Age. And So It Is.

  • Know that it is done. Amen. Namaste. Mahalo.

Intention is the tying up of loose ends and of needless possibilities that can distract us from our benevolent course. The powerful setting of Intention is an essential in the Mastery School of Life and one of the many Initiations we cover in Chanelle O’Hare’s Mastery School Program “Free Will & The 3 Pillars of Sovereignty” join us and accelerate your Quantum. www.chanelleohare.com/masteryschool or book a Discovery Call Here

Remember... Choose Sovereignty Beloved.

Many Blessings,

Chanelle O'Hare

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