Shifting the Demons

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

What demons lay dormant beneath the surface of your skin?

Most of the time (if we're honest) we have no real clue... no clue at all!!!

Until one day who comes knocking?? That's right, You guessed it... your "dark night of the soul".

The most common misconception of this catalytic event, is that it happens just once in our lifetime. Well that may have been truth in darker times, when accelerating solar light codes weren't pouring onto the planet almost daily ensuring awakening, shifting, triggering and purging more weeks than not.

What does shadow work mean for me you ask?

It means that if you're awake and consciously aligning yourself with your highest timeline trajectory, aka your soul path & purpose, then you have the opportunity to shift Eons of 'darkness', for your soul lineage and for your incarnate genetic lineage as well. Past, Present and Future. You will experience this catalytic event many times in this lifetime if you so choose it! And greatness ensues for those brave enough to face their demons, that is a Universal Promise and Truth by all means Brothers and Sistars.

What a powerful time we live in hey!?

What possibilities lay in store for each and every one of you? And indeed what demons lay beneath the surface waiting for the light to be shun on them and finally, to be purged from your existence forever!

From a Soul level, you may see the cycle of life as repeating incarnations of life creating life, creating experience and expressions of love. When we take a moment and look at the minute interactions of our daily lives in this incarnation, we see the same cycle is just as prevalent. It seems to play on 'repeat'.

You must see the darkness before the dawn

Experience the pain to remove it from the body.

Reach a precipice before the next flood of expansion codes activate within your DNA codec.

Breakdown for the breakthrough.

Experience the illusion of death of a part of your soul before you awaken from your "dark night" journey to an embodied and enlightened state, that shines soo much brighter than the one before that it's almost blinding!

So dear ones... feel into your cycles and have the omniscience of self to fly with your God given wings through the other side of the turn of fortunes wheel. There will be many... and it's time now for you to finally own them, instead of allowing them to own you!

If you would like assistance with moving through dark times in your cycle or indeed entity and demon removal please book a session

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