Sovereignty is the Embodiment of Quantum Consciousness

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Have you ever felt miss aligned… Out of step, like life has dealt you a hand that just doesn’t make sense to you? Like what you truly feel, is your ultimate potential, is just out of reach.

You know within your gut and your soul you were meant to be doing something more… something special. And yet your life does not reflect this in any way.

This can be confusing, bewildering and cause debilitating cognitive dissonance in your Human, creating massive energetic distortion. This makes it even more challenging to find your clarity, your resonance, your true path and your true purpose.

How I discovered Sovereignty in my Universe

Well you know it wasn’t in one big hit that is for sure. It was an enduring process of observation, reflection and integration.

I began to notice that I was being ‘tested’. I was being SHOWN and given opportunities to refine and define my sovereignty each day.

What I realised, is that over any given period the ‘Universe’ was showing me how to ‘HONOR BOUNDARIES’, ‘RESPECT OTHERS WISHES’, ‘LIVE IN INTEGRITY’, ‘BE TRUTHFUL IN ALL ENDEAVOURS’ and “HAVE ABSOLUTE FAITH AND TRUST” that I was being supported, loved and taken care of in every way regardless of how I perceived my world to be.

This was a beautiful array of lessons that were showing up in mirrored reflections of everyone I would meet and in all my relationships. Showing me that what I would begin to honour in myself first, would profoundly shift what I was seeing as the manifestation of my creation… my world.

As I realised that I was far from perfect and all things were a reflection of how I was showing up in the world, I would begin to Truly OWN myself. Taking mass Self-Responsibility of EVERYTHING was the first really BIG step in shifting my conscious reality.

You see, when you take ownership of everything, you take back the Power you have been giving away your whole life. You begin to say ‘I own this!, I made this! And I can absolutely make it something else if I want to!” That is POWER and that beloved is FREE WILL.

Sovereignty is the ultimate gift from the Universe…. It took me a while to really embody what it means and I, just like you, apply myself every day, striving through Mastery of Self. Enhancing my resonance and bringing in all the gifts of the Universe for my pleasure, my play and my purpose.

To Be Inspired by Sovereignty, read on...

It is your Mission, your Purpose your absolute divine right as a Sovereign being to embody your highest timeline trajectory in this lifetime.

Take it NOW!

Embrace your Mission of Truth!

When we align with all Universal Lessons Laws and truths, we live by an ethos of Mass Self-Responsibility and unshakable Integrity.

This beloved is the powerful catalyst that provides and epic flow into Soul Alignment… an acceleration of your kinetic Intuitive Gifts and connection to your most powerful multi-dimensional Intergalactic Self.

The knowing that comes from this Source Alignment is palpable and all things become clear in a way you have never experienced before.

You are Powerfully, Magnetically, drawn to your Truth… Your Purpose Your Mission on this planet. You feel it in your core, your atoms begin to shake and vibrate and shine an eminence of recognition and remembering of ALL THINGS…

You feel connected to the Stars and the Particles that make up the Stars heralding their clarion call in recognition and witness of your AWAKENING…

I often talk about Free Will and Sovereignty. Two of the most Powerful Forces in the Universe. The most basic fundamentals that guide all of Human Incarnation and Evolution. Sovereignty and Free Will go hand in hand on your highest timeline trajectory. You can have Free Will without Sovereignty, but you cannot have Sovereignty without Free Will.

I talk about this and more on my Youtube Channel.

So, what is Sovereignty and why do we want it?

Put in Simple Terms Sovereignty is your natural soul state. Honouring Key Universal Laws and Truths and Thereby Honouring who you are in ‘essence’. How do we navigate a 3D world in a state of Sovereignty, my Brothers and Sistars?


By Mastering and embodying our spiritual initiations aka Universal Lessons Laws and Truths we raise our frequency, heal our wounds and awaken to the infinite love frequency that has been lying dormant deep within our DNA. Awaken Now Dear Ones, to your Ultimate Truth!

Sovereignty is Embodiment of Consciousness, of the Quantum state of being. It is a word we may use for an infinite potential state. Similar to the powerful Zero Point you may have heard me speak of. We as Human Beings, have the ability access ‘all things’ in the field… achieve ‘all things’ possible, massive flow states when we are fully aligned in our Sovereignty. Energetically, Sovereignty is a ‘holy resonance’ an absolute vibrational resonance to source and all that is. Divine Alignment… Sovereignty may release us from the tyranny of an uncontrollable egoic state. A state that may cause us to fracture, be distracted and stray form our divine will and consciousness.

Sovereignty surrenders us to Love.

Let me ask you this: What would it look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, to be living your highest truest potential and in this lifetime? To be on that highest timeline’s trajectory, releasing attachment to all lower potentialities and surrendering to your divinity. Honouring all Universal Lessons, Laws and Truths is Embodiment of Sovereignty. Close your eyes and reflect. Feel into it Brothers and Sistars. Feel into your greatness and sense THAT resonance.

What are your feelings, right now?

Share with me in the comments below.

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