Today I am Healing...

Today I am healing. Today I am loving myself more.

The pain body is releasing, and I am realizing the depth of healing that is shifting me to my highest outcome.

My highest desires are unfolding before my eyes in the epitome of grace defined by the universal frequency of love. Expressed through perturbation change and an acceleration of infinite potential.

We are all here to heal and to be humbled in the presence of healing… there is no other way.

My love for this process becomes strained when I feel the pang of regret or rejection or shame. Or the way in which we like to judge ourselves failures in the eyes of our divine spirit.

Nothing more could be further from the truth.

The divine grace that lies within you is the very thing that drives you from moment to moment, from experience to experience. The catalyst of which is pain. Pain without which we would never evolve, or experience or change or learn or grow.

It is easy to allow the fear and hurt to overwhelm you and dictate your every move and shy away from the truth that lies within you. But I assure you… you are winning when you run toward the hurt that turns others away and see it for the tremendous gift that it is. Your holy grail of wisdom, that without which would never guide you to your Eden.

Many blessings beloved Star-Tribe. Chanelle x

Happy Healing! Please share in comments below what is coming up for you in your healing journey right now.

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