Transcending Judgement

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The Vital Element that we must realize with Judgement, is that when we place a Judgement on something, the Intention of that action is to label it as good or bad.

So, what you're saying is Yes! I'm going to commit and Judge this thing or this aspect of Self and condemn it, definitively. Generally, what you're going to be doing is you're going to be committing it to one of the two Polarities, reinforcing the illusion of separation in this realm.

Reinforcing the Fear/Love Paradox.

In order to transcend the Densities of the 3rd Dimensional Realms we must observe that all separation is an illusion and the polarities that exist in our awareness are energetic signatures of where our consciousness lies in these Dimensions.

Transcending Judgement allows us to play in the 5D

Do You want to be playing in 5D Beloved?

Then transcend duality, transcend Judgment. Live in Divine Neutrality and Soar!

I talk about this and more on my Youtube Channel

This is so Imperative for you to know! Read on...

All these Self Judgments and Judgement of Others, creates magnetic negative energetics (feelings) within your body. On a Quantum Level, these kinds of energetics create Distortion within your body layers, in your vibrational resonance (your essence).

Judgement, creates Quantum Geometrical fractures within the layers of your consciousness energetics. And that vibrational resonance creates Distortion within your vortex and your holographic manifestation of creation. Ie. Your World.

Neutralise these Judgements by reinforcing positive expressions of self and others.

Swap Positive thoughts and Expressions for Negative ones and watch your World change…. FAST!

Try this for a day, or two, or three! Let me know, How does it feel to Divinely Neutralise your life, your energetics and your Will for Humanity?

What you will find most compelling, is that the Ego does most of the Judgey work for you! It wants to keep you safe from perceived harm and outside threats. It navigates situations so that you will feel like you “belong” no matter what the price to your integrity.

So how can we overcome our Ego’s Influence?

This is quite radical but I want you know what it takes right now. Lean into the Fear, lean into the vulnerability that is triggering the defense mechanism for safety. Triggering the Judgement response.

By discovering exactly what lies beneath the surface, what lies in our shadow aspects we expose our vulnerabilities. We are able to then shine Light on them with compassion and acceptance.

By voicing our vulnerabilities, we transmute fear guilt and shame and can powerfully neutralize the causal effects that empower Judgement and reinforces the Illusion that we are all separate and alone in this world. The Shadow no longer has power over us.

The more you allow your fear to control your thoughts and your emotions and your body, the longer it's going to take you to experience the Beauty that lays on the other side of the major spiritual initiation that is Judgement.

These concepts are huge, and we cover them all and more in Chanelle O’Hare’s Mastery School “Free Will & The 3 Pillars of Sovereignty” Join the Tribe and change your life Forever! or book a Discovery call here

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