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The Practitioner Program

6 Month Program of Facilitation, Expansion & Ignition

"If you have found yourself contemplating this course then you have landed in the perfect place for you, where your mind is telling you this and that, know that this is your next step on your path to sovereignty where you feel you "know it all", 'been there done that", you most probably have ! But we are all in this puzzle matrix of embodiment here on, and with the earth together ... Riches beyond what our linear mind interfaces with will appear like gentle, sometimes not so gentle, pockets of pure GOLD as you unravel embody and do the required integration of this work. YOU are an integral part of this jigsaw slip-and-slide game we like to call LIFE ....Go for it! Jump in and take a chance on YOU... Your soul and evolution will not regret it."
- Dona Lambert, Mastery Academy Student




What is the Practitioner Program?

The Practitioner Program is 6 Month intensive course on facilitation, expansion and ignition to guide you in becoming a true Multi-Dimensional Channel and Lightworker. In this program, you will experience intense and meaningful Soul Healing, DNA activation and be able to use advanced methods to call-in spirit and connect to the higher dimensions! Ready to ignite your healing fire for all to see and experience? You will finally be able to tap into the 5th Dimensional Consciousness you've seen glimpses of and always wished to embody. 


Your time to heal, awaken and guide others towards their own ascension is NOW, beloved. How are you choosing to change the world?


Embrace your Starseed Mission and Become the One. The Wayshower. The Healer.


Be Ready To Receive Beloved!


In this program you will:
- Learn to create Quantum Portals and Healing Realms
- Learn to Channel Higher Dimensional Beings
- Learn to Channel & Translate Light Language- Learn to Channel Multi-Dimensional Lightwork 3rd-13th Density
- Learn to Channel Intuitive Healing Concepts & Modalities
- Learn how to apply Healing Modalities through the Multi-Dimensions
- Decipher and Discern Appropriate Modalities in Relation to Ailments & Dimensions/Densities
- Tap into Your Unique Light-line lineage
- Discover your unique Quantum Healing skills and abilities

What you'll receive:

- 1.5 Hour Channeled Quantum Planning Session week 1

- 11 x 1 Hour One on One Sessions

- 11 x Co-Facilitated sessions with guest clients (1-1.5 hours)

- Total Personalised Sessions 24

- Pre-Recorded Training Audio Aids & daily healing assistance

- Unlimited Access to Chanelle on Email

- Includes Member Platform

- VIP access Member of Secret Facebook Support Group



The Practitioner Program also includes all modules & Timeline Sessions of the Sovereignty Program

Completing the Sovereignty Program is a crucial element of moving into the Practitioner Program. For this reason, both programs are combined as one. You will receive access to all curriculum, live quantum sessions, Timeline Therapy Sessions, and recordings of the Sovereignty Program (worth $2997) as you make your way through the program. With the foundation of the Sovereignty Program, you will truly be able to tap into the Universal Frequencies and Initiate in a Higher Timeline Trajectory, your Higher Purpose, beloved.

Read more about the Sovereignty Program here.

Bonus: Activation Membership Included!

As a student of the Sovereignty Program, you will also gain access to all 11 Practitioner Level Live Quantum Healing AUA Transmissions and 12 Fully Interactive Q&A Events in the ACTIVATION Membership Program (value $399USD)!

You will also gain access to the Live Forum, our library of all past Quantum Healing Activations & Bonus Content!

So, You will be supported in your daily evolutionary development foundationally and practically, and you are also gifted with Magick Quantum Healing Activations Upgrades and Alignments and Galactic Transmissions that will assist you re-awakening your cosmic self, your DNA and all that entails.

Who is Chanelle O'Hare?

I am a Healer of Healers, a Multi-Dimensional Channel, Master of the Mystic Arts and Quantum Lightworker. Over the past years I have transcended towards Higher Levels of Consciousness and now live with Intention of paving the way for other healers and practitioners to succeed in their Spiritual Journey.

In the Practitioner Program, my intention is to serve healers, lightworkers and anyone is 100% ready to take their mission all the way IN THIS LIFETIME by guiding and coaching them to transcend into their own Practitioner selves. This program can only be joined if you have completed the foundations and groundwork in the Sovereignty Program


"Chanelle, you help guide me through a massive breakdown of the older me. With your continued assistance I was able to heal extreme wounded aspects, identify when Ego tries to sneak in and become more understanding of my deeper awakening process. Thanks to you I'm better able to hold my Shine within and radiate it out on demand. Deepest gratitude & All my love for all that you are and everything that you do." ​

- Evolutia, The Mastery Academy student.

Are you ready for it, Beloved?

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