Live 1.5 Hour Galactic Channeled Event with Accelerated Multi Dimensional Light work, Quantum Healing, Stay Activated and Upgraded on your Highest Timeline Trajectory!


*This is the un edited RAW Audio file from a Live Galactic Transmission Event Held via Zoom Meetings*


Be prepared to surrender to the Higher Intelligence that assists us all on a daily basis so that we can delve deep into levels of Consciousness & create for you, massive Healing Transformation.

In these Monthly Cosmic Activation Upgrade & Alignment Healing Ceremonies, we tap into the full dimensionality of your personal geometric DNA codex and the higher purpose of your soul.

As we all align you with the highest intention of our souls and the collective consciousness of our planet, we begin to tap into the expansiveness of the 'All That Is'.


This powerful force will use us as conduits for healing and expansion for our own benefit and the benefit of all. Showering us with vital light encoded frequencies through a multi-dimensional light portal created by Chanelle, she is able to decipher a portion of these messages via light language and other methods including clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience and channeling.

You will be gifted with a healing that is most appropriate for you in the moment and bear in mind that it may be something that your human is not entirely conscious of in the now.



You will leave this event:

  • Feeling light particles Activate in your physical body
  • Awakening your Light Body and Chakra Systems
  • Having Activated the dormant Codes stored in your Human  DNA
  • Reaping the fruition of deep Clearing and Healing
  • Feeling a Transformation that is Powerfully Soothing, Nurturing and Stabilising

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Here's your chance to join us LIVE, Beloved!

We have multiple transmission events monthly:

- Activation, Upgrade and Alignment,

- Master Numbers portals (eg. 9/9, 10/10, 11/11) and

- Special events portals (Lunar and Solar Eclipses, Equinox, Solstice, etc).

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Only $33 USD per month.

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Blessings Beloved, Chanelle x


About Your Facilitator

Chanelle O’Hare, from Corporate Media Sales in Sydney to discovering her real and authentic purpose in this world. In just a few short years she has gained a reputation for her gifts that is paralleled by few. Quantum Healer, Multi-Dimensional Channel and Lightworker, Full Moon Alchemist, The Catalyst Podcast, 33 Day Live Channelling Transmissions and Mastery Academy. Chanelle goes where very few dare to travel and embraces the entirety with passion, enthusiasm, grace and profound wisdom. “We live in a world that is waking up! Far quicker than any of us ever expected. There are legions of souls going through transformation shifts and awakening from the matrix of illusion and conditioning to face their ‘dark night’. These souls require lightworkers, leaders and channelers.” This is where Chanelle excels, she is a trainer of these arts, guiding people in discovering ‘their’ true gifts. “It is my mission to Activate the Starseed Atom within the Collective. That is, the re-remembering of and connection to your unique cosmic consciousness and ultimate galactic mission.” All Chanelle’s work is on a soul level from the perspective of universal consciousness.

Are you ready to take your mission all the way in this lifetime?

Commit to the Journey, Become The One, The Way <3

September '20 Monthly Quantum Healing AUA


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