Today's Vernal Equinox Portal Galactic Transmission and Channeling was powerful.


*This is the un edited RAW Audio file from a Live Galactic Transmission Event Held via Zoom Meetings*


We connected with Trans-dimensional consciousness in this event. We activated the powerful palpable awareness of the quantum field of our soul by aligning all variances and all Aspects Transversely. We then unified our consciousness, and were able to balance and accelerate our Awakening through the human experience.


As a Facilitator, it is the awareness I have already accessed of the Trans-dimensions, that provides the portal for YOU to access higher conscious awareness of the quantum fields. Once this information is accessed, integrated and embodied the soul incarnate has the ability to access much more information from the infinite source.


Therefore, providing each soul an accelerated expression of their conscious creation for their highest timeline trajectory (optimal outcome for life). Meaning, a More powerful ability to Stand in Sovereignty and Manifest Divine Will.


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Vernal Equinox Portal Galactic Transmission


    © 2016 by Chanelle O'Hare