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Self Responsibility Agreement for Co-Creation


Please read the following carefully. Your signing and returning of this form acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the terms of service. If you don’t have a scanner you can take a photo from your phone and/or reply to this email with this attachment saying ‘I agree to these agreements’. 

  • I understand that coaching, programs, and workshops with Chanelle O’Hare are a transformational process, and, as such, it is very likely that I will experience various emotions and sensations as a result. 

  • I understand that Chanelle O’Hare will facilitate and provide support along the way but that, ultimately, I am responsible for my physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and I will seek additional appropriate support if necessary. 

  • I understand that my investment with working Chanelle O’Hare is a commitment to undertaking the entire journey and that stopping partway through is not advisable. 

  • I understand that I have chosen to work with Chanelle O’Hare based on my trust in her ability and expertise and I commit to trusting the process.

  • I give Chanelle O’Hare full permission, to be honest and direct with me and to hold me accountable in order to help me get the results I seek. 

  • I commit to asking for what I need and if at any time I am unsure of the soul-work, practices, exercises, clearings, the process or I am wanting to have a break or change coaching in some way I will contact Chanelle O’Hare to discuss this before continuing on with the sessions.

  • I take full responsibility for the level of effectiveness of this work. I acknowledge that coaching and clearing emotions may not by itself produce ANY noticeable changes in my behavior and life circumstances unless I take appropriate action to integrate and support those shifts. Chanelle O’Hare will support this by giving me practices to do at home to integrate the process, however, whether I pursue these actions or not is entirely my own decision and responsibility. 

  • I agree that my emotions are mine, and my responses to healing are my full Responsibility, and if I project my emotions in an inappropriate manner, offensive nature or negative way to Chanelle O'Hare she has the immediate right to terminate this agreement without notice or penalty to Chanelle O'Hare.

  • I agree to complete all programs within the planned specified time unless otherwise negotiated prior to commencing the program. Sovereignty 12 months only, Awaken 2-3 months max, Practitioner 6 Months only. The Mastery Academy Bundle is a 12 Month Program with leeway of up to 2 months extension.


  • I agree to disclose to Chanelle O’Hare any current usage of prescription medication

(Including antidepressants), and/or recreational drugs, as these may affect my results. 

  • I understand that the sessions take place in a non-judgmental safe space and that the content of our conversations and clearing work will be kept completely anonymous by Chanelle. 

  • I agree to be responsible for booking in my sessions with Chanelle O’Hare via the Calendly link which has been sent to be my email or Facebook messenger. I acknowledge that it is not up to Chanelle O’Hare to follow me up to book in sessions and it is up to me to ensure I am booking in my sessions. If I cannot find a suitable time and day in the calendar I agree to privately message or email Chanelle O’Hare letting her know so that she can see if she can open up a suitable time for me.

  • I agree to be responsible for booking and keeping my appointments with Chanelle O’Hare and for giving her a minimum of 24hrs notice should I need to reschedule an appointment (unless an emergency as set out below). If I need to reschedule it I will do this via the calendly confirmation email received when making the appointment. 

  • I agree that if I do not give notice and do not show up for a session this session will be void and be taken into account as being used, unless there is a reasonable emergency situation which then will be discussed with Chanelle O’Hare on how to best move forward. Emergency situations include illness, children’s illness or emergencies, family matters, and other situations that are out of your control. 

  • I agree to be on time for my sessions. If I am going to be late, I agree to message Chanelle via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to let her know.  I understand that if I am late without giving notice this time will be still used as session time. I understand that if I am more than 10-minutes late without any notice of being late my session will be automatically canceled (refer to above agreement).

  • I understand that if Chanelle O’Hare needs to reschedule the appointment time that she will also give me at least 24hours notice and will message me directly via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger to inform me and reschedule. 


  • I understand that if Chanelle O’Hare is running late for our appointment with a good reason that she will communicate this with me prior and that any lateness will not cut into our time and will be added on at the end or to another session, whichever suits me best. 

  • I understand that Chanelle O’Hare will email me after our session if there is any soul-work practices, notes and tasks to be completed. She will do this within 48hrs. If I have not received the email I will check my junk email first and if it is not there I will ask Chanelle to resend, just in case, there has been tech issues on either end. 

  • I commit to paying for the program in full prior to our first session, or to pay it off with the agreed payment plan (which is or will be advised in writing). via this link and submitted promptly to secure my plan and pricing position.

  • I agree to pay the payment plan in full and if for any reason I cannot make payments I will contact ​immediately to make arrangements. If you default on your payment plan you will receive emails from our payment system to remind you that your payment is due and to ensure funds are available. I understand that if I continue to default on payment plans these services will be cancelled and that Chanelle O’Hare’s accounts team will take other measures to have those funds collected.

  • Refund and Cancellation Payment Policy – Please ensure you have read this thoroughly. 

  • By signing the below I agree that I have read this document in full and I agree to these terms and conditions and the payment policy. 

Self Responsibility Agreement

Thanks for submitting!

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