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"Even elite race car drivers need a team behind them in order to keep them on the road.
So too do healers. No one is doing this on their own. And it’s when we forget this, that things start to go sideways. You could say I had a major blow out that caused me to skid off the road of life and crash spectacularly down a cliff of deep depression. Even as a healer I too have to do the deep inner work just like everyone else and that takes a team of amazing people.
I was blessed to experience a healing that Chanelle facilitated and from the moment she started I felt nurtured and held in a time where I felt so broken. Chanelle, ever so gently took me on a journey, her gift of vision into other places enabled me the ability to also see all those that are supporting me in this time on a multidimensional aspect.
On a physical level throughout the healing I felt no pain, however I had a sensation that I had received a spinal blocker, I could feel but could not move my lower half as the healing was taking place. I felt tingles, twitches and muscles pulling all up and down my legs. I felt a firm pressure over my hips that moved through all the physical layers of tissue. I had awareness that I was in my home and on my bed but I also felt far far away, in a different time and dimension. I was seeing things that don’t exist here.
I felt in my stomach so much energy come surging through it with such a vibration that the tension I was holding dropped away, a warmth washed over me and I was finally able to feel relaxed in my body.
It took a few days of processing and integrating but I can now say that I am definitely on the other side of that heavy darkness.
When Chanelle was working on me I felt as though she opened up a vast multidimensional menu of capability’s that become available to me to explore and assist me to continue to heal myself.
Chanelle followed up with me over the following days and answered any questions that came up.
I highly recommend Chanelle as a healer’s healer, one that can be that space of nurture & comfort in order to be able to safely activate inner exploration without being triggered. 
In Joy and Appreciation"
Thank you xxx🙏🤟 Nicole

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