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The Catalyst Cast

Exploring Your Greatest Advancements In Spiritual Evolution?

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1 Year of your very own Activation Membership

THE CATALYST with Chanelle O’Hare explores the multi-dimensional metaphysical world of healing, expansion and awakening. We provide valuable tools and wisdom on how to heal yourself with an eclectic mix of modalities available for each and everyone of you to embrace on your healing journey. Together, we will push the boundaries of your consciousness and expand on fringe science concepts that will assist you in creating a powerful new reality in your world. Busting out of old paradigms and embracing the new dimensions, we find our world embarking on a grand new adventure right now.

This Spiritual Education & Healing Event showcasing Healers, Mystics, Guides and Coaches from all over the WORLD delving into the subconscious, exploring fringe science, quantum energy and how we can harness these powerful dynamics in our daily lives.

The Catalyst is brought to you by Reconnected Life and is a FREE live interactive healing webinar, podcast and YouTube series recorded 3rd Saturday of the Month. See the events page on for future guests and your chance to interact live with every one of the powerful change-makers we host.

If you would like to be a guest on The Catalyst please email HERE

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